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1. The Market Place
Make shopping an experience the whole family will enjoy. Our new adventure market will have your kids wanting to come back and shop for more!

2. The Crib
This corncrib is specifically designed for those Dads (and some Moms) who want to spend some quality time with the family, but who cannot resist a quick peek at their favorite sports team's score. (Refreshments and snacks sold here)

3. The Fruit of the Room
Bring the whole family in and see the "behind the scenes" of our operation. Our brand new grading station, cider press room, and cooler are a fantastic way for kids to see how our apples get from the orchards into the showroom or are squeezed into our delicious apple cider.

4. Billy Bee's Flight O'Fun
Hang on for the "flight of your life" as you experience what it feels like to "bee" a honeybee buzzing through the air. You will also learn about the importance the honeybee's role is to our orchards.

5. Storybook Forest
Enter the enchanted trees to visit some of your favorite storybook characters. As you travel, you will learn some nifty nature facts.

6. Monster Mountain
View our 45 acre farm high atop our man-made mountain. Everyone be sure to slide down the 40 foot tunnel to get away from any monsters that may have escaped.

7. Grandpa's Fun Acre
Take a romp in Haymow Hysteria, race a tricycle around the Pumkin 500 or just dig in a simple sandbox.

8. Enchanted Goat Fort
Feed, groom, and learn about many farm animals. Also, climb to the top of the fort and go down the 20 foot slide.

9. Haunted Pumion Dwelling
Long ago, was Brumbaugh Fruit & Fun Farm really inhabited by pumpkin-like creatures? Maybe you could help us capture a few! (mildly scary)

10. Kiddie Korn Maze
We designed a "mini maze" for those little ones (and some adults who cannot manage the 5-acre corn maze). Children will work their way through the paths by identifying colors, adding and subtracting, and counting.

11. Kinda Kooky Korn Maze
What's kinda kooky, kinda korny, and kinda kooky? It's our 5-acre corn maze! It's fun, educational, and great exercise. Flashlight maze begins at dusk. (Bring your own flashlights)

12. Underage Roadrage
The best place to teach the kids how to use their manners is on our very own "Hysteria Lane." Have a few laughs while your kids scoot their way through "Courtesy County," "Politeness Peak," and "Mount Manners."

13. Human Hamster Wheels
Round and round and round you go, where you stop, nobody knows! Be prepared to go head over heels for this "cheesy" activity.

14. Willy Worm Wagon Express
Ride non-stop on our silly worm train. Appropriate for all ages.

15. Pumpkin Express
Jump on one of our haywagons and take a ride to the pumkin patch to pick that "perfect" pumpkin. Pay for all pumkins at the main entrance when you exit the farm.

16. Winnie's Cracked Corn Box
We're sure ya'll have played in a sandbox when you were growing up! Well, we've "cobbed" up some ideas that we thought the youngsters would enjoy better than the traditional sandbox. Go ahead-shovel, scoop, dig, measure, and count. "Shucks!" You may even dig up a few "kernels" of knowledge!

17. Johnny Appleseed Hiking Trails
Take a hike through our orchards and learn about the life and times of Johnny Appleseed. You will also be able to observe the many varieties of apples that we grow on our farm.

18. Ole' Fishin' Hole
Our pond and campfire site area has been host to many church, school, and birthday party groups. Fishing, volleyball, and wiener roasts are available. Call for reservations.

19. Main Entrance
First aid station, lost parents, pumpkin sitting, and general information can be found here!

20. Anudder Farm Experience
Experience life down on the farm and milk Brumbaugh's only dairy cow.

21. Winnie's Windmill
Let your little one enjoy the experience of riding our windmill swing. Must be small enough to fit into a baby seat.

22. Karen's Quacky Races
Let your competitive juices flow as you use a pitcher pump to race ducks and frogs down our water race track's. (all ages)

23. Rug Rat Tunnels
Rug Rats of any age will love to burrow through Brumbaugh's tunnels.

24. Noah's Ark
Enjoy all of Noah's animals while riding on his famous ark.

25. Rollie Pollie Ollie's Slide
Youngsters love the different experience of rolling down Rollie Pollie Ollie's slide!

Always Good Things To Eat, Fun Things To Do!

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